Marketing and Web Services for Universities

Prospective students research online. Public-funded projects need online dissemination or even custom development. Our core team grew from the academic world and we know how it works.

Communicate Excellence and Project Outcomes as a World-Class Institution

The number of prospective students researching their higher education choices online is exponentially growing. A comprehensive digital strategy is crucial to tackle these prospects and increase enrollment rates. And not just that. 

You might have recently won a grant for a public-funded project and need to fulfill communication requirements such as having a compelling project website, a research database or an online event/course.

There is an upcoming conference and you need pro looking posters and infographics by yesterday.

Our dedicated multidisciplinary team is ready to assist your academic projects with creativity and technology.

How We Help Universities

You Can Trust Us, Because:

  • Recoms visualWe’ve been there: beside having years of experience in helping universities and academic projects with different digital and creative solutions as an agency, we also have PhDs and former project managers of public-funded academic projects. 
  • We make it simple: you will have one dedicated account manager as point of contact  with a multidisciplinary team behind them.
  • We train & support: we will train and support your department team to use and manage the developed websites or other digital systems. We will stay at your disposal for ad-hoc queries.
  • You will WOW your colleagues: our creatives and campaign strategists will make sure your project or department transmits excellence, elegance and proficiency.

Tell us about your ideas and get a project plan with pricing.