E-commerce & Philosophy: Design & Development for an Exceptional Niche Publisher

As part of our 2022 ProBono program, we created an online book shop for Kijárat Kiadó.

Kijárat Kiadó - Niche Publisher in Hungary

  • New design representing their unique personality and mission
  • Web development for flawless user experience
  • E-commerce development to improve the  accessibility of remarkable, unmatched publications

When the dev wants to read philosophy works in his mother tongue...

Our encounter with the publisher started with a difficult-to-follow book order on their old website, which eventually led to brainstorming conversations and productive consultation, so that not only fanatics like our developer could access perhaps the most special books of Hungarian publishing, but every fellow reader of this small language community.

We wholeheartedly recommend the publisher’s website to fellow Hungarian readers who love the works of the most outstanding authors in the fields of arts, philosophy, literary history, and history.