Dental Tourism in Budapest

Újbuda Dental is a cozy and friendly dental practice with veteran doctors who serve not only local patients but offer high quality and affordable dental care for foreign patients visiting Budapest. Our collaboration goes beyond a simple marketing contract, we jointly invested in expanding the business by entering the dental tourism market.

Why We Decided to On-Board the Same Boat?

We have been working together for more than 5 years now and fall in love with their dental practice. 

We saw humanity, compassion along with seasoned professionalism and high integrity in business operations.

That’s why we decided to take the risk together in expanding the practice’s patient pool by offering complex dental tourism services too. Right after the launch of the dedicated dental tourism website and campaigns, COVID-19 and travelling restrictions hit our business. We, however remained calm and prepared for better times and currently very excited to re-initiate our campaigns in dental tourism.

We also manage the direct communication and scheduling with patients reaching out from abroad.

Local SEO and Online Reputation Management

Google Business and Social Media Management.

Social Media Campaign Kits.

Ujbuda Dental Website

International SEO & Patient Communication

Organic search optimization in the field of dental tourism and affordable, high quality implantology and root canal.

International patient management through virtual front desk services.

Dental Tour Website

What Have We Learnt?

In this specific project our job is not finished when a website visitor is converted into a lead.

Beside a bunch of industry jargon we have learnt to deal directly with customers (potential patients), and how good communication and business integrity matters after lead conversion.

Leads are people with health issues who have to carefully consider which dentist to trust.