Drót (Wire): Independent Hungarian Journalism on Art & Literature

It began as the passion project of a young Hungarian poet, essayist and play writer who revived a previous print journal in digital format. The art and social criticism magazine has soon been grown to be a major digital platform and network for young and emerging artists in Hungary. As the political climate has became more and more authoritative and somewhat hostile for civil organizations and independent artists, so the importance of platforms such as Drót has grown. We knew we have to contribute and were the ones to reach out to them when they were in search of technical support for their Drupal website.

Becoming part of the editorial team

Tibor Wiener-Sennyey, a renowned writer in Hungary, had a disruptive vision about how content should be structured on a digital platform and that we should leave behind the fixed culture of columns and conventional topical content division rooted in print tradition.


Working together with Tibi was a life-changing experience. He soon welcomed us into his editorial and friend circle making possible for SciArt team members to publish in Drot from time to time when they have an essay or a creative writing to share (and when it meets the quality standards of an art magazine.) And I am not talking here about paid PR articles. These are original pieces with no marketing purpose. An opportunity for us, to break out from the daily routine and express our true selves which help us be more creative when our clients need it the most.

What We Have Learnt

Pro bono projects let us meet exciting people and open up new doors.