Ecological Toy Store in Barcelona Goes Online

A magical little store in the Gracia neighbourhood of Barcelona decided to take a step forward and build their resilience if another COVID-19-like event would hit the small business. They are selling now globally wooden and ecological toys that facilitate imagination, creativity and motor skills of the little ones.

Fast-paced e-commerce development

Thanks to our tight-knit hands-on work with Julián, we were able to complete the e-commerce and web development in record time. 

The next phase might be SEO consulting so that parents can find these amazing creative product of high quality.

Since we honestly love this store (and were the first online customers) we will use as well traditional word-of-mouth among the mom-groups, as we are not just entrepreneurs but parents too. The developer’s 4-year old son already received his first gift and for the first time can engage himself in playing alone by building (and destroying) a wooden marble track.

What Have We Learnt

Even if your brick and mortar store is in a vivid and busy neighbourhood such as Gracía in Barcelona, resilience and significant growth requires technology.