Ecosystem Evaluation: Understand How Your Business Depends on Natural Resources

The concept of ecosystem services is relatively new – especially in Central and Eastern Europe, but one way or another your business depends on natural resources.

Targeting an audience who don't know what they don't know

Working together with Agnes and her highly qualified expert team of this women-led B2B company, changed our perspective how we look at marketing best practices and our own business as well.

The most specific marketing challenge of this project was to frame a very specialized but complex B2B service within a content structure and context that makes sense for users who don’t know they need it. It is a step before the problem-aware stage which required an out-of-the-box thinking when outlining which searches should they target. And once the visitor landed on a page, how are they guided throughout the content to understand and trust the service.

Drupal, later moved to WP

To educate and engage

We provided a budget-friendly, deep consulting/advisory session with recommendations to search targeting.

Logo & identity

What Have We Learnt?

How you structure your content matters not only in SEO or conversion rate optimization, but in effectively educating potential customers who don’t know yet that they need you.