Fitkon: Pilates Academy & Shop

Fitkon Academy, lead by Acredited Sports Scientist, Dr. Nahit Baylan, is a Pilates studio and world-class Pilates equipment producer, offering online learning opportunities, certification programs and resources in Pilates, Fitness and Sport Performance.

How We Worked Together

The first version and phase of the development & branding project was launched in 2017. The growing  business and learning experiences of Nahit, triggered a reiteration and a second development,  a more complex e-commerce and simpler solutions for e-learning and the merging of two brands. Our engagement then was further extended to organic search strategy in Turkish and English. 

Fitkon Academy provides professional resources for Pilates instructors building their career and world-class equipment for fitness studios. Thanks to our long-term engagement, Nahit became a very good friend too.

Stationery branding Fitkon

Bi-lingual (Turkish & English)


Later moved to WordPress


Reformer Pilates Equipment and E-books

Bilingual SEO

Technical SEO

Content calendar based on customer awareness phase and content gaps

E-commerce SEO

What we learned

Iterative & agile approach was key to deliver the desired results of a very ambitious vision and a turbulent Turkish market.