Hungarian Literature Today

Irodalmi Jelen is the biggest and most popular online magazine of modern national and international literature in Hungarian language. What was once a website migration, quickly grew into an exciting and creative long-term collaboration.

We are the first to be called when ideas need technology and creativity

Our relationship started with a website re-design and content migration but soon grew into tight-knit and unique collaboration.  Imagine the editor-in-chief calling us on his vacation from a far away island just to share his idea and ask for our thoughts.

This kind of trust moves and motivates us to stay on top with tech solutions and creative implementations.

Drupal development

Improving User Experience

Advanced code optimization for loading speed improvement

Restructured content architecture

james joyce

Bringing back old masters to life

With AI-powered image edition we were able to improve low resolution, old photos, including pictures taken at the dawn of the 20th century of writers and artists.

Drupal Webshop

Book and Magazine Shop

E-commerce implementation for selling print editions and books.

What Have We Learnt?

Do a great job and be a good person who loves reading and highly rewarding collaboration will be born.