Women’s Rights in Hungary

Addressing everyday sexism (that seems super natural) and the abuse of women’s rights in Hungary is no easy job. The lack of independent public media and miscommunication of gender-based violence as well as the continued exclusion of women’s contribution in arts, history and science form the public curriculum, inspired us not just to join the only association addressing complex cultural and political issues in gender equality, but to support them with whatever we can.

A highly rewarding commitment

The identity design and the first web development was our first pro bono project. Two co-founders of our team were also founding members of the association who soon realized what a great gap is filled in awareness and communication about women’s situation in the Hungarian society.

We were able to complete some great projects together, including a database development of the great Hungarian women in history.

We also provide assistance in IT security, as the website is continuously under attack.

Our commitment continues and we try to be as useful as we can for the cause. We are happy when we receive public funds from grants to stay on top with technology and design, but providing support and consulting in our very limited free time is also a way we collaborate with Nokert Egyesület.


Web Development

Multi-level user access

Complex content architecture



Advanced security



Simple and expressive

Thorough & strict style guide

Stationery design


Technical Support and IT Security

What we have learnt

When you’re on the edge of burn out as a marketing specialist or doubt the point of the whole profession in a rotten world, just take up a project about a cause you care the most.