Women’s Rights in Hungary – Technical & Creative Support

Addressing everyday sexism and the abuse of women’s rights in Hungary is no easy job. The absence of independent public media and miscommunication of gender-based violence as well as the continued exclusion of women’s contribution in arts, history and science from the public curriculum, inspired us not only to join the only association addressing complex cultural and political issues in gender equality, but to support them with whatever means we can.

A highly rewarding commitment

Our journey with Nőkért Egyesület began with a meaningful venture – crafting their identity design and launching their initial website, our first pro bono project. Notably, two of our team’s co-founders were also among the association’s founders, realizing the significant gap in awareness and communication about women’s situations in Hungarian society.

Together, we’ve achieved some remarkable projects, including developing a database highlighting the incredible Hungarian women throughout history. In addition to our creative involvements, we play a pivotal role in ensuring the security of the organization’s website, which faces continuous cyber threats.

Our dedication to the cause remains steadfast, and we strive to be as impactful as possible. While we appreciate the reception of public funds and grants that sustain our technological prowess, providing support and consultation in our limited free time is another way we collaborate with Nőkért Egyesület. It’s a continuous effort to contribute meaningfully to their mission.


Web Development

Multi-level user access

Complex content architecture



Advanced security



Simple and expressive

Thorough & strict style guide

Stationery design


Technical Support and IT Security

What we have learnt

When you find yourself teetering on the brink of burnout as a marketing specialist, or questioning the purpose of the profession in a challenging world, consider taking on a project aligned with a cause you deeply care about. Channel your expertise to amplify their voice and empower them to be heard.