Custom-developed News Portal’s Drupal 10 Migration

Migration of a custom developed news portal to Drupal 10 CMS. Nyugati Jelen is a leading print and electronic Hungarian-language press organ in the western province of Romania.

Complicated situation solved with Drupal migration and development

Our client was facing a difficult situation with operating their custom-built website. The editorial team of the news portal decided that it would be more beneficial in the long run to switch to an Open Source content management system. The main reason for the change was to be able to involve other developers more easily and flexibly for future developments.

The migration was challenging because we did not have access to the source code of the website, thus we could only use the SQL database.

A further difficulty was that we had to migrate at least 100,000 pieces of content, with complex relational logic between them.

In addition to the migration of the existing system, a subscriber environment had to be built and the payment gateway provider did not have a proper Drupal integration, so the integration hsd to be coded manually.

Finally, our seasoned Drupal developers were able to deliver a suliton for every requirement and expectation.

Improving User Experience

Converting the look and feel of a custom-built website to a Drupal environment. Improvement and optimization of the previous appearance.

Advanced code optimization for loading speed improvement

Restructured content architecture

Drupal Webshop

Subscription option, multi-level user access

Develop monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual subscription options, with one-off and regular payment options.

Develop a hierarchical system of rights to read content and access the digital version of the printed newspaper.

What Have We Learnt?

Do a great job and be a good person who loves reading and highly rewarding collaboration will be born.