Señor Piña: The Gen Z Foodies’ Favourite

Fresh and healthy food bowls carved out from pineapple, with wide selection of vegan options and hints of different cultures’ cousins. Read on, how we worked together with a true visionary business owner.

Señor Piña

We worked hands on with the young and resourceful business owner to bring his ambitious vision to life.

Not everything worked as planned

The main idea was a healthy and fresh food in delivery service in natural packaging (carved pineapples and coconuts) to the beaches of Barcelona via live location share. Imagine that you are lying on your towel at the beach and fresh fruit and sushi bowls just come to you after a few clicks on your phone.

After a few weeks of testing we had to realize that Barcelona beaches are so crowded in the summer that live location sharing works with +/- 100 m errors.

Although the concept of delivery had to change and the COVID-19 pandemic hit the business hard, they are still operating an awesome place for foodies carving for originality and simplicity. This is only possible with a genius business owner being a creative visionary who has entrepreneurship in his blood.

What Have We Learnt

Great branding is resilient when times are hard for the business.