Raising a New Generation of Readers: Children’s Book Blog & Book Finder Database

Inspiration for good reading habits starts early. Egigero helps Hungarian parents select quality reading material and stories for their kids of all ages. The project proved to be the most popular and useful among families living abroad and raising multilingual or bilingual children to help them connect with their Hungarian roots and culture.

Women’s Rights in Hungary – Technical & Creative Support

Addressing everyday sexism and the abuse of women’s rights in Hungary is no easy job. The absence of independent public media and miscommunication of gender-based violence as well as the continued exclusion of women’s contribution in arts, history and science from the public curriculum, inspired us not only to join the only association addressing complex cultural and political issues in gender equality, but to support them with whatever means we can.

Area Clínica: Barcelona Healthcare Practice Website & Content Architecture

After visiting hospitals and rehabilitation centers, the doctor who founded Area Clínica realized that physiotherapy was not taking on the preponderant role that it deserves within the treatment methods of the musculoskeletal system, and decided to offer an alternative methodology, putting physiotherapy ahead of pharmacological and surgical treatments.
SciArt integrated the mission statement of Area Clínica into the proper authority content architecture and practice website.

Drót (Wire): Independent Hungarian Journalism on Art & Literature

It began as the passion project of a young Hungarian poet, essayist and play writer who revived a previous print journal in digital format. The art and social criticism magazine has soon been grown to be a major digital platform and network for young and emerging artists in Hungary. As the political climate has became more and more authoritative and somewhat hostile for civil organizations and independent artists, so the importance of platforms such as Drót has grown. We knew we have to contribute and were the ones to reach out to them when they were in search of technical support for their Drupal website.

RECOMS: Resourceful and Resilient Communities

RECOMS is a Marie Sklodowska Curie (MSCA) Innovative Training Network funded by the European Commission. It is comprised of a transdisciplinary consortium of scientists and practitioners from eleven public, private and non-profit organisations located in six European Union countries.

SciArt team helped Coventry University’s RECOMS project with custom development solutions, web design & project branding.